miraDry System

The miraDry system is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive device that safely and effectively treats underarm sweat and underarm hair of all colors. Developed with rigorous standards to achieve superior clinical results and high patient satisfaction while maintaining an excellent safety profile, the miraDry system has established a new and growing revenue stream for aesthetic practices.

Breakthrough technology

The miraDry System’s unique miraWave technology delivers precisely focused energy at the dermal-fat junction, to safely heat and destroy sweat and odor glands and hair follicles while protecting the sensitive underlying structures. With the intuitive features of the graphic user interface, the miraDry system can be confidently administered by physician extenders where permissible.

Expertly Designed with your Practice, Staff and Patients in Mind

The miraDry® system is composed of the console, handpiece, and bioTip.



  • Large, icon driven – easy to read and follow
  • 360° touchscreen – view from any angle


  • Small – fits any room
  • Lightweight – easy to move around


  • 110V powered, standard for any office (100-240V, 50/60Hz)


  • Cooling plate and thermocouples to protect dermis and monitor skin temperature
  • Ergonomic – Lightweight, easy to grip and balance during treatment
  • Audible and visible indicators provide feedback during heating and cooling
  • Easy connection to the disposable bioTip
  • Safely rests in the system cradle when not in use


  • Vacuum stabilization of target tissue
  • Sterile and disposable
  • Easy coupling to handpiece

miraDry graphic user interface guides the user step-by-step

Each step is guided and confirmed to ensure accurate placement and complete coverage for best possible results, every time.